Would you like to travel with Ralph?  From seminars and workshops to 3-week safaris, Ralph will share with you his 30 years of photographing the wild places of the world. He has taught thousands of people the art and craft of photography and has an understanding of the unique goals each member of a workshop brings.

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Spring Photography Workshop at the Santa Barbara Zoo | Date: 4/25/2015, 8 a.m.-12:30p.m.  Location:  Santa Barbara Zoo.  In this “behind the scenes” workshop, Ralph and the zookeepers will take participants to non-public areas where you’ll witness the animals’ unique morning routines and get the best possible angles.  Click here for complete details and registration.

Macro-Photography: Essential Close-Up Photography Course | Dates: 8/1–8/2, 2015. Location: Santa Barbara, CA.  Capturing the world of the small isn’t easy. This small-group, two day workshop will introduce the specialized equipment and techniques needed to photograph the beauty and drama of the macro world.This workshop is being run in association with High Sierra Workshops.  Click here for complete details and registration.

Camp Denali Special Emphasis Series: Autumn Nature Photography Workshop | Dates: 8/28–8/30 and 8/31–9/3, 2015.  This workshop, in Alaska’s beautiful Denali National Park, is offered directly through Camp Denali.  To check on space availability, please contact Camp Denali at:  e-mail: info@campdenali.com or phone: 907–683-2290





“Some folks are born teachers, and some born photographers, but the accomplished photographer who can also teach is a rare gift indeed. Such a man is Ralph Clevenger, who has been working on the cutting edge of this field for thirty years but never tires of sharing his insights and skills with students of the art…”. George Lepp

“When you travel with Ralph Clevenger, you will have a workshop experience that is fun and educational. Ralph draws on his 29 years of teaching photography at Brooks Institute as well as his own success as a commercial photographer to answer questions about equipment and software with ease. He assists participants in the field by helping them find subjects to photograph and suggests different ways to capture those images. As an educator, he communicates easily with the unskilled, as well as skilled students, and he makes it fun for all.”  Karen Willes  (Alaska Photo Workshops at Camp Denali — 2007 & 2012)

“Thanks for leading a most enjoyable photo trip to Alaska. This was my second trip with you and I could no’t be more pleased. You seem to know when I need your expert help and when I like to be left alone to experience and photograph in my own way. I took your advice on getting a better tripod and camera bag after struggling with my antiquated ones on the first trip. The new equipment made the second trip much more productive and enjoyable. Your book Photographing Nature is getting dog eared as I put more of your advice to use. Thanks for the autograph. I’‘m sure Brooks Institute of Photography is pleased to have such a talented teacher on staff. Your ability to take your extensive classroom knowledge into the field and put it to practical use in a low key, enjoyable format is much appreciated.”   Dave Williams (Denali Photo Workshops — 2011 & 2012)