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Critter Demo with Dennis Sheridan

One of my favorite shooting experiences is the famous “critter demo” put on by my friend, Dennis Sheridan. Dennis is a well-known photographer, entomologist, and small animal wrangler who shares his knowledge and animals with schools, workshops, and even movie productions. I’m going to be posting more images from these shoots and talking about lighting and wrangling, so stay tuned.


Kathy Tackett with a tarantula (left) and a Ghost Mantis from Africa (right)

Splash and Flash; Big Basin Redwoods State Park, CA

This area just north of Santa Cruz is full of redwoods, banana slugs, newts, organic farms, and lighthouses. It’s beautiful in the spring when everything is green and there’s still chances of rain. Rain is good in the forest, just put your rubber boots on and keep shooting.

Big Basin Redwoods State ParkRedwoods and fog

I was photographing this banana slug and reached over to move my reflector, which was attached to my tripod leg with a really useful tool called the plamp.  Anyway, as I moved the reflector my tripod fell off the bank into the creek. Luckily the creek wasn’t too deep, but I still had to wade into the water to fetch it back. Just dried off the tripod and went back to photographing.

Tripod overboard - fortunately the creek wasn't very deep.My tripod sans camera
Banana slugAn eight inch Banana slug

Wireless flash again with the really cute young Ensatina and a little forest of moss sporophytes. Used 2 flashes, a small softbox and the amazing Justin flash clamps.

Ensatina in little forest of moss.An Ensatina salamander in moss forest