If you’re looking for someone to provide a complete package of visual media, illustrating all the uniqueness of your eco-lodge, then bringing Ralph in on assignment is your answer. His images illustrate the answers to the questions that potential guests are asking; where am I going, where will I sleep, what will I eat, what will I do, and what will I see.

The ability to photograph food, architecture, people, landscapes, and wildlife at your location, with minimal impact on your operations and guests, makes hiring Ralph a cost-effective choice. And Ralph’s experience in working with media and print designers allows him to create images that work seamlessly into your marketing materials, websites and blogs. Please contact our office at 1–805-963‑4069, or E‑MAIL US (maryjane@ralphclevenger.com) for more information on how to book Ralph on an assignment for you.


CAMP DENALI:  Denali National Park, Alaska



AFRICA:  Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana



BRASIL:  Amazonas



BRASIL:  Pantanal


TRUTH AQUATICS:  Santa Barbara, CA



COSTA RICA:  Cloud Forest & Osa Peninsula