Critter Demo with Dennis Sheridan

One of my favorite shooting experiences is the famous “critter demo” put on by my friend, Dennis Sheridan. Dennis is a well-known photographer, entomologist, and small animal wrangler who shares his knowledge and animals with schools, workshops, and even movie productions. I’m going to be posting more images from these shoots and talking about lighting and wrangling, so stay tuned.


Kathy Tackett with a tarantula (left) and a Ghost Mantis from Africa (right)

Ralph Clevenger

Ralph Cle­venger grew up on the coast of North Africa and began div­ing in the waters of the Mediter­ranean Sea at the age of 7 with his father. He even­tu­ally went on to study zool­ogy at San Diego State Uni­ver­sity and worked as a diver/biologist for the Scripps Insti­tu­tion of Oceanog­ra­phy in La Jolla, Cal­i­for­nia before attend­ing Brooks Insti­tute of Pho­tog­ra­phy. He holds a BS degree in zool­ogy and a BA degree in pho­tog­ra­phy. Ralph is the author of Pho­tograph­ing Nature, pub­lished by New Riders.
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