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My Favorite Photos of 2015

A selection of my favorite photos from last year. Travels included Denali National Park in Alaska and Guadalupe Island in Mexico for Great White Sharks.

best of 2015 blog1

best of 2015 blog2

best of 2015 blog 3

best of 2015 blog4

best of 2015 blog5

best of 2015 blog6

best of 2015 blog7


My Favorite Photos of 2014

Photographer Jim M. Goldstein has been hosting a project on his blog called “the best photos of the year”.  He solicits other photographers to post their favorite images of 2014.

Here are seven of my favorites from 2014.  Be sure to check out his blog.  Hope you enjoy.


best of 2014 blog 1

best of 2014 blog 2

best of 2014 blog 3

best of 2014 blog 4

best of 2014 blog 5

Critter Demo — part deux

A southern 3‑banded armadillo, native to South America. Another one of the amazing creatures that Dennis Sheridan shared with my nature photo class. Their feet move so fast they blur and they can roll up into a ball to escape predators. This one was actually on loan from the “Zoo-to-You” program in Paso Robles, California.

Southern 3-banded armadilloSouthern 3‑banded armadillo