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Upcoming Workshops

May 6, 2017 — Close-up Photography Workshop


August 10–13, 2017 — Photographing Mermaids

Safety First

A Santa Barbara charter boat company, Truth Aquatics, contacted me about a new life jacket info sheet for their fleet of boats. I thought shooting the new images on the boat instead of in the studio would really elevate the attention of the passengers.

Cherie Noel, a LA based model, joined us on a trip over to Catalina Island and brought along some of her favorite swimsuits. When I saw her 40’s style bathing suit I knew that was the look we needed. Life jackets aren’t very flattering so having a talented and beautiful model like Cherie really helps. I’m always impressed with how much effort good models put into their job. It may look easy but it really isn’t.




I lit the scene with two speedlights; a gridded rim on the left and the key was a shoot-thru umbrella on the right. Ambient was “soft sun”, I could just see a light shadow. ISO 200, 1/200sec f/8.

Thanksgiving, Channel Islands National Park, CA

Every couple of years we’re able to accept an invitation from our friends, Glen and Dana Fritzler, to spend Thanksgiving with them and friends.  Spending time with friends and family over the holidays is pretty normal, what’s not normal is spending four days hanging out on one of the Fritzler’s custom live-aboard boats around the Channel Islands National Park.

The morning we left Santa Barbara was calm. The ocean was glass. Perfect for photographing dolphin and whales. Sometimes things just work out. Several hundred common dolphin, many with babies, overtook us as we made our way towards the top end of Santa Cruz Island. I was shooting with my Nikon 14–24mm and 70–200mm lenses at ISO 400.  I found that DMI switch on my camera.  You know, the decisive moment indicator button, and just fired off a burst every time the light lit up. Thinking about the timing, the “when” of taking the photo; nothing’s random, think ahead.

Common dolphin in the Santa Barbara Channel

We ate turkey, actually two of them. Whole ones, that Dana cooked in a tiny oven. With dressing and all the fixings, she was amazing. And the kids did the dishes, and had fun. Everybody helps out on these trips.

My job — carving turkeys.

The Vision is another one of Glen Fritzler’s fleet of dive boats from Truth Aquatics. It was sunrise on our first morning and gulls were flying around hoping for some handouts. A Nikon SB800 zoomed to 50mm on manual full power lights up the gull,  f/4 at 1/250 sec at ISO 200 captures the sunrise.  Nikon D2x, 14–24mm lens.

Captain Glen Fritzler and the “Vision” at sunrise